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 We take pride in the fact our business and associates have been together here at Nerds Candy Shop. We have built our business with good sound traditional family values, no customer need is too small or too big as we will always do what we can to provide the customer with a very satisfying experience. We do not only pride ourselves by providing the best service but we also stand behind our products.

Nerds Candy Shop has provided wholesale and retail candy to those that are looking for that special or hard to find treat. Or maybe it’s a blast from the past favorite candy from your childhood. Browse our online Nerds Candy Shop and I’m sure you’ll find something that sends you back to the day. If by chance you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us directly and we will gladly help you! Our team here at  is always ready to assist in meeting the unique needs of our customers, we sell to both retailers buying wholesale and individuals looking for a sweet treat. From everyday candies to gum balls, taffy and novelty candies, our inventory is always fresh and plentiful.